Gentleman 5S Men’s Shaver S1603

  • Rated power: 5W
  • Charging time: 150 mins
  • Shave time per charge: 150 mins
  • Charging interface: USB TYPE-C
  • Plug and shave
  • Independent floating head
  • Multi-function indicator
  • Entire shaver is waterproof rated IPX7
  • Travel lock

This shaver is both efficient and comfortable in that its hypo-allergenic blades glide through hair smoothly. Make it incredibly easy to shave without irritating skin. This shaver won’t cause cuts, nicks, or razor burns. You’ll get a close shave each time as it has floating heads that contour to all facial curves. Plus, this electric shaver comes with a complete charging unit, guaranteeing an energy efficient shaving experience.

Our advanced vacuum systems capture more hair in the first stroke, giving you up to 50% closer shave with no skin irritation. And with built-in precision trimmers, you can create a perfect stubble look or easily shave every last hair on your face and neck. Lift & Cut dual-blade technology lets blades lift up hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a fast, close shave. Equipped with wet/dry technology, experience the convenience of shaving dry or with gel or foam for extra skin comfort.

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