Mini USB Atmosphere Night Light Aroma Humidifier MX-808

Model: MX-808
Input: 5V
Recharging Current: 1A
Capacity: 300mL
Spray quantity: 50ml/h
Product Color: Light Pink, Light Green
Product Weight: 188g
Product Size: 142*90*78mm
Box Size: 144*94*86mm
Packing Size: 442*386*354mm
Packing Quantity: 50PCS
Packing Size: 42.4*41.2*51.5cm
Packing gross weight: 13.5KG

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The Mini USB Atmosphere Night Light Aroma Humidifier is the perfect gift. It offers comfort, romance and a tranquil environment. Also powerful ultrasonic technology gently releases the pleasing aroma of essential oils. And produce a relaxing mist that can help ease symptoms of seasonal allergies, dry sinuses and minor colds. The night light adds illumination to your favorite reading corner or beside your bed.  And it will help you fall asleep amidst the soft, soothing misty vapor.

The Mini USB Atmosphere is a perfect desktop accessory. It serves as a special place to call your own when you have to work late and allows you to have a bit of you wherever you go.

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