New Design Foldable Bladeless Air Multiplier Neck Fan X3

Product Name: New Design Foldable Bladeless Air Multiplier Neck Fan X3
Model: X3
Material: ABS+Silica gel+ Electronic Components
Input: 5V/0.8A
Use Power: 4.5 W
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
Charging time: 4.5 hours
Input interface: Mirco
Play time: 1 level speed-8 hours; 2 level speed: 5 hours; 3 level speed: 3 hours
Product Color: White, Pink, Blue, Green
Product Weight: 310 g
Product Size: 220*170*60 mm
Box Size: 203*124*63.2 mm
Packing Quantity: 30 PCS
Packing Size: 420*335*392 mm
Packing gross weight: 12 KG

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Sometimes the heat of the day can get unbearable. On those days, you’re sure to be grateful for our foldable bladeless neck Fan. This innovative product works silently, keeping you cool without the noise.This revolutionary, small, flexible and stylish bladeless neck fan is a must-have item for hot weather or when you’re at the gym. It fits in your purse, pocket, or backpack. Simply fold the fan into its own inner pocket and secure it with the built-in velcro strap. So it’s ready to go whenever you are.

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