Spray folding Fan D10

Model: D10
Material: ABS
Input: 5-9V
Recharging Current: 1A
Working Power: 4W
Battery Model: External Battery/Battery not included
Product Color: White, Blue, Green, Pink
Product Size: 90*94*53mm
Box Size: 100*63*135mm
Packing Quantity: 100PCS
Packing Size: 55*33*51cm
Packing gross weight: 21KG
Packing net weight: 18KG

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This spraying mini usb fan is a portable emergency fan for your desk, suitable for using at home,work or travel. There is a hidden switch on the bottom of the fan that you can easily turn on or off. And the night light gives you the ability to use it as a night light when you travel. It’s very handy and compact, small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. You can use it whenever you want to refresh yourself, especially when you travel in train or bus; it’s very easy and convenient for you to take it anywhere.

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