Traveller Men’s Shaver S1602

  • Self-sharpening blade system
  • Autolock to prevent misoperation
  • Charging time: 90 mins
  • Run time: 60+ mins
  • Multi-functional indicators
  • Overcurrent protection technology
  • Water resistance: IPX6
  • USB: Type-C

This electric shaver designs for men with sensitive skin. It features a contour-following system. Adapt to every curve of your face and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Comes with a one-hour quick charge feature that gives you enough charge for one shave. Even if you don’t have time to properly recharge it.

Our electric shaver helps protect your skin by adjusting to the contours of your face, providing you with a close, comfortable shave. It features 5 selectable modes that break down each shave into steps, allowing you to fine-tune your shave to the style and length you prefer. It also has a pop-up trimmer for those last-minute touchups.

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